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Showcase your runs, statistics, medals, and running photos.

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Futunk is in alpha release. Registrations currently require an invite code.

If you wish to be notified when registrations are publically available, let us know!

Alpha Release

Futunk is the spiritual successor of having running activities showcased on my personal site. You can now find them on my profile page, @robkaper.

Futunk is currently in its alpha release. In the upcoming beta release, you will be able to sign up and build your own profile to enjoy all features I currently do.

Expected Release Milestones

  • Alpha α
    Migrated my personal activities, no registrations
  • Private Beta β — August 2024
    Registrations are open but invitation-only
  • Public Beta — November 2024
    Anyone can register
  • Launch — TBD

Please note that all dates are tentative. Balancing work, training, running and my social life influences the time available for developing this website.