About Futunk

Why is Futunk being created?

When people ask me what I am working on, the simple answer is: think of something like Strava. However, it's important to note that my intention isn't to compete with Strava. I am writing simply because I love running, the running community and coding. It's as simple as that.


First and foremost: Futunk is dedicated to the world of running — exclusively. The focal points are essential training runs and foremost showcasing hard-earned medals, fast accomplishments and impressive distances. Leave everyday strolls in the park, commutes and unrelated activities like skiing trips elsewhere.

Here are some examples of how this running-focused philosophy translates into action:

Furthermore, profit is not my motive or incentive. I do not aspire to become a corporate giant. I'm not fond of hiding features behind subscription based-fremium models. Wherever feasible I prioritise open source software and open data providers.

Unfortunately avoiding monetisation is not an absolute guarantee. I'm dedicated to personally invest time and resources into Futunk. But in the future, if user registrations surge, I might explore options like Patreaon to support costs. My foremost concerns revolve around hosting expenses and licensing fees for third-party tools, especially mapping software featuring satellite imagery.


When I first started running, I wanted to showcase my personal bests on my personal website. Manually updating them didn't sit well with me, so I created a simple system to that automatically generated my records from my race results.

Soon enough, I found myelf expanding beyond personal records. Training sessions, route maps, statistics and fancy charts joined the mix. Without a concrete plan, I ended up with a blend of Google Sheets imports, arrays and export files from my sports watch.

In time, this initial effort grew slower with every new activity. Then came late 2022, and I tackled long-overdue performance enhancements. What started as a modest effort spiraled into a complete tech overhaul, a fresh visual look, and a snazzy web interface for uploading new activities. This interface begged for user accounts, which sparked the idea building a separate website. That's when I opted to migrate to a dedicated domain.


Futunk's roadmap includes a series of new features. The goal? Shifting it from a personal site to one where every runner can create their own profile, access their statistics and enjoy the same sharing opportunities I do.

With the project still in its early development phase, I'm reluctant to state state that Futunk will become a full-fledged community or social media platform. However, my inspiration is for Futunk to have the high level of technical sophistication and polished professionalism maturity that could potentially lead it in that direction.