Futunk's Alpha release is live!

Rob Kaper

Futunk's Alpha release is live!

Futunk's alpha release is finally live! It was long overdue, because development turned out to be more of a marathon than an easy run. But after an entire year of hard work, it is now time to celebrate!

A small step...

The main part of this release is the launch of my personal running profile. Futunk is now the spiritual successor of having my running activities showcased on my personal site.

This might appear as just a small step. Clearly visible are a fresh new design and the inclusion of notes and pictures for activities, but the main changes are under the hood and not immediately noticable. They do however mean a huge step forwards an upcoming beta release.

Upcoming Beta release

The next few weeks I will be monitoring site performance and usability, while finishing the last tweaks allowing me to enable user registrations, at which point profiles are available to not just me. Initially the beta will be private and by invitation only. If all goes well, registrations are then made available to the public, including signing up and logging in using a Google account.

Every runner will then be able to habe their own profile to showcase their personal records, favourite pictures, heatmaps and loads of other statistics.

The beta release should also include an event database where you can easily find upcoming trails, races and fun runs. However, this functionality might be postponed to the actual launch because collecting all the information required for this feature is labour-intensive and I want to make sure the event database is well-populated. It wouldn't be a useful with just a hand full of events. The primary focus is the inclusion of all major and most smaller events in The Netherlands.

But for now, I'm going to take the evening off to celebrate!